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Coaching Programs – This will be one on one training by Certified Professional (CSPA) (USPA) Instructors to meet special skydiver’s needs.

Programs are designed to polish on your body flight skills. You will learn greater awareness and your control will become more precise. We can design a training program to help you with virtually every aspect of skydiving. Another asset that greatly enhances your advancement is our use of video. With coaching programs, every tunnel flight you make is recorded. Video briefings give you an important perspective to judge your performance and understand your mistakes.

In one weekend, you can attain skydiving skills that would take months to master at the drop zone. At Niagara Freefall, there are no bad weather days and no rigs to pack; just freefall time in the wind tunnel.

Niagara Freefall offers a 5-Flight Coaching Package for those who are having trouble with the basics. You determine your training goals and we focus the instruction to help you achieve your objectives such as body awareness, heading and stability.

The 5-Flight Coaching Package includes five flight sessions in the tunnel, a video of all your tunnel time, and personalized coaching between each flight. This Coaching Package costs $325.00 and will take about 4-5 hours. Please pre-book all Coaching Packages.