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Wind Tunnel - Flight Pass

Fulfill your dream to fly… experience the thrill of skydiving in a safe environmentally controlled indoor vertical wind tunnel. Fly in a column of air at speeds of 120 mph.


All flyers are given 25mins of pre-flight training and safety orientation. Flight suits and safety equipment is provided

Wind Tunnel - Mega Flight Pass

5 full mins of individual flying time

Wind Tunnel - Family Fun Package

Laserball Paintless Paintball

Lazerball is a great new fast-paced and exciting indoor attraction.
Lazerball is paintless paintball game which uses soft safe reusable foam balls. There is no mess.
It’s an exciting pursuit game played similar to Lazertag and Paintball. Its filled with fun and adrenalin and is very simple to play.
Lazerball playfield has numerous bunkers to hide behind yet still allows all players to view the entire playing area and provides for an extremely safe playfield.
Safety protective equipment is provided for all players.
Lazerball is fun for all ages. Great Family Entertainment!

Important things to know before purchase

  • On-Line Purchases are Non-Refundable.
  • Once purchase is made customer must Print Pass and redeem upon arrival. No flight will be honored without printed pass.
  • Flight packages are per person.
  • Each flight is 60 sec in length (3 min flight = approx. 6 jumps from a plane).
  • Review Flight Safety Criteria before purchase.
  • Post Flight Criteria.
  • No Experience Necessary.
  • Waiver must be signed prior to flight – Guardian signs for flyers under 18 years.
  • Video of Flight $22.00.



Individual who have or are prone to having any of the following conditions or limitations are PROHIBTED from flying:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Under the influence of drugs or intoxication.
  • Spine injury or dislocated shoulder bone, joint, ligament or tendon condition including but not limited to fractures, sprains, strains or tears.
  • Heart problems.
  • Persons under 42″ inch height
  • Any condition deemed unsafe for flying by freefall staff.